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Mountain Dulcimers

We Feature Many Quality Mountain Dulcimers and Accessories from Some of the Best Dulcimers Makers in the Business, including our own Handcrafted Prussia Valley Dulcimers. Browse through the Makers listed below, many dulcimers are available for purchase through our online store or Call Us to place an Order, or when in Southern Ohio stop by our Shop in Waverly.

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Prussia Valley Dulcimers
Gary Sager has been building Prussia Valley Dulcimers since 1992. He has been refining his design and honing his dulcimer building techniques since that time. The result has been dulcimers with rich tone, good volume and great sustain that will improve the sound even an already skilled player can obtain. Hammer-ons and pull-offs result in surprising clarity not often heard on mountain dulcimers. Great fit and finish, as well as playability are also important aspects of Gary's building. Gary to date has built more than 425 mountain dulcimers. Gary's workshop is located at his home near Waverly, ohio. Prussia Valley Dulcimers Music Shop is located in downtown Waverly.

Our specialty is the mountain dulcimer; our five full-time craftsmen have 142 years of experience among them. The experience we have gained gives us the confidence to offer you a high-quality dulcimer at an affordable price, covered by a guarantee you can count on. At The Dulcimer Shoppe, in Mountain View, Arkansas, you'll find the highest quality, hand crafted mountain dulcimers anywhere. Our dulcimers are played by champion folk music artists in competition and on their recordings, year in and year out. We're located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of north central Arkansas.

Folkcraft & Folkroot
When people think of heirloom-quality instruments, they think of Folkcraft. Here's why: Our instruments are handmade in the United States of America, not in a cheap overseas factory. Our instruments are crafted one at a time, not on an assembly line. Our instruments are made of solid woods, not out of plywood.
Folkcraft instruments are made with pride and tradition, using the same methods as our founders used in 1968. Folkcraft Instruments is a family business, with two generations of luthiers putting their skill and experience into every instrument they create.

We have been hand building musical instruments for over 20 years. We make five sizes of harps, lap and hammered dulcimers, three sizes of bowed psalteries and an all wood banjo. All of our instruments feature solid wood construction, quality hardware and the best finishing materials available.

Sweet Woods Instruments
David Lynch and Sweet Woods Instruments. I have been making fine folk instruments for several years. In 2003 I started designing and constructing harps, dulcimers, and other folk instruments full time. Whether you are a beginning musician or an advanced player, there is a Sweet Woods Instrument for you.

Laurel Mountain Instruments
Mary Matarainen has been in the woodworking business since 1979, and had been making Dulcimers for 13 years for a well known instrument company in Connecticut. Since their move to another state she have decided to continue what she loved best - making instruments, repairing and refinishing. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service.

Thompson Banjo-Mer
Doug Thomson, the inventor of the Banjo-Mer, has spent over 20 years perfecting his design . It has the Banjo "ring" of an expensive banjo!
Here are some of the many performers who play the Banjo-Mer:
David Schnaufer, Lois Hornbostel, Tull Glazener Heidi Cerrigione, Cathy Traut Hessom Connie Allen, Bonnie Leigh, Steve Stubblefield, Tom Rawson.

TK O'Brien
The T K O'Brien dulcimers come with many choices of wood for the soundboard and many different soundhole designs. Other than the soundboard, Walnut Creek dulcimers are made entirely of walnut. The tops and backs are bookmatched.

Vander Woude
The word dulcimer is made up of two words: the Latin word "dulce" meaning "sweet", and the Greek suffix "melos" meaning "song or tune". Jim's last name "van der Woude" is Dutch for "from the wood". A "Dulcimer by Vander Woude" is truly a sweet song from the wood.

Dulcimer Cases

Dulcimer Capos

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