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IIIrd Tyme Out

Success for IIIrd Tyme Out was nearly an overnight occurrence for this group after its forming in 1991. Founding members Ray Deaton (bass) and Russell Moore (guitar), along with everyone else in the group, created a new tradition in modern bluegrass music. Rounding out IIIrd Tyme Out are Steve Dilling (banjo), Alan Perdue (mandolin), Justen Haynes (fiddle) and their excellent sound technician, Donnie Carver.
As the saying goes, "The proof is in the pudding", and what more proof of the band's niche as a top bluegrass group in the world than its seven consecutive IBMA awards as its Vocal Group of the Year - 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,1998,1999 and most recently 2000. Acapella renditions of many songs can rarely be matched. Its superb instrumentation provides even more quality sound to the rich vocal blends.
IIIrd Tyme Out - Where did such a name have its origin? This was the third time out for founding members Deaton, and Moore and consequently the third professional bluegrass band association for each. No doubt, the third time proved to be a charm for these talented artists.

Their Recordings Include:
Singing on the Streets of Gold (cd)
The Best Durn Ride (cd)
Erase The Miles (cd)

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Karen Ashbrook

In 1976, Karen Ashbrook built her first hammered dulcimer as a high school project. She attended the Eastman Preparatory School in Rochester, NY. In search of Irish music, she went overseas and spent 5 years playing in Europe and Asia, traversing the globe twice.
With her delicate touch, trademark shimmering lilt and ear for authentic ornamentation, Karen Ashbrook is considered one of the finest Irish hammered dulcimer players anywhere. Add her wooden flute and pennywhistle playing, and you have the consummate Irish musician. Irish reviewer John O'Regan calls her recordings "Celtic music for the mind and body."
"Karen has long been something of a heroine to me... Her style is at times traditional, then moves surprisingly at a tangent, making it more interesting in an unexpected way. And her whistle playing is excellent." IRISH EDITION, PHILADELPHIA
Based in the Washington, DC area, Karen teaches and performs Celtic, contra dance, and Jewish music. These days she primarily performing with her husband Paul Oorts, playing his native Belgian and French music. She has several recordings both solo and with the group Ceoltoiri, on the Maggie's Music label. Playing the Hammered Dulcimer in the Irish Tradition book/CD set on Oak Publications, is a standard text in dulcimer literature. She appears at numerous folk music camps and festivals around the country. Performance highlights include RTE 1-Irish National Television, the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, and playing at the White House for President Bill Clinton. Karen currently plays with Cabaret Sauvignon, and as a duo with her husband PaulOorts.

Her Recordings Include:
"Celtic Lace" CD by Ceoltoiri with Karen Ashbrook & Sue Richards
"Celtic Cafe" CD by Karen Ashbrook and Paul Oorts
"Knock on the Door" CD by Karen Ashbrook
"Hills of Erin" CD by Karen Ashbrook

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Aubrey Atwater & Elwood Donnelly

The much acclaimed, internationally known folk duo, Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly present delightful programs of traditional American and Celtic folk songs, a capella pieces, hymns, dance tunes, and original works. Elwood and Aubrey blend gorgeous and unusual harmonies and play guitar, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, mandolin, tin whistle, harmonica, banjo, bones, spoons, limberjack, and other surprises including Appalachian clog dancing. Their performance is appealing to all ages, and with humor, audience participation, and a relaxed stage presence, Aubrey and Elwood explain song origins to give more relevance to the material. Because they have such an extensive repertoire, special programs and workshops are offered for festivals, schools, colleges, libraries, women's history, and holidays.

Their Recordings Include:
The Blackest Crow (cd)
And Then I Am Going Home (cd)
Like the Willow Tree (cd)
When Winter Calls (cd)
Where the Wild Birds Do Whistle (cd)

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Janita Baker

Janita has been playing and teaching the MD for close to 30 years; through her recordings, books and appearances at festivals and workshops across the country she has become known as a highly respected teacher and performer. Janita plays wide variety of musical styles and she delights her listeners with a warm and personal sharing of music and stories, introducing audiences to the incredible complexity, variety and beauty of the MD. Her latest two recordings, Walkin'' Around Lucky and Hot Rod Sleigh have both been nominated for ""Album of the Year"" by Just Plain Folks. Janita and her husband, Robert, build Blue Lion guitars and dulcimers.

Her Recordings Include:
Blues and Ragtime for Fretted Dulcimer (CD)
Fingerpicking Dulcimer Companion CD
*Solace (cassette)
*Solace (cd )
Walkin' Round Lucky (cd)

Her books include:
Fingerpicking Dulcimer w/ CD
Solace Book; (CD & Cassette available) Book OUT-OF-PRINT

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Cathy Barton & Dave Para

Cathy Barton and Dave Para have created dynamic performances acclaimed for 25 years for their variety and expertise in vocal and instrumental music. They have celebrated the musical traditions and folklife of Missouri and the Ozarks in festivals, clubs, concert halls, schools and studios across the U.S. and Europe. Their audiences are as diverse as their repertoire.
A versatile duo, Dave and Cathy play several stringed instruments including hammered and fretted dulcimers, banjo, guitar and Autoharp, as well as "found" instruments like bones, spoons, mouthbow and leaf. Their concerts present a range of music from the lively dance tunes they have collected in their home region to old ballads to new songs. They have conducted several instrumental workshops as well as those about songs from the Civil War, from American rivers, old gospel songs, children's songs and Christmas music.

Putting the song before the singer, Dave and Cathy are caretakers of a long musical heritage, and they are known for deep understanding and affection for traditional music. They also keep their minds and ears open as the roots and branches of folk music run deep and spread wide. Missouri is a social and geographic meeting place, and its rich cultural diversity continues to inspire Dave and Cathy�s music and broaden their repertoire.

Their Recordings Include:
Twas on a Night Like This - A Christmas Legacy (cd)
Living on the River - Songs of American Rivers (cd)
Johnny Whistletrigger - Civil War Songs from the Western Border, Vol. I (cd)

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Basement Music

Located in rural Greencastle, PA, Basement Music is a full-service, computer-based recording studio offering a secluded, get-away-from-it-all place for clients to record acoustic music without the distractions of kids, traffic, or anything else that might be preventing you from realizing your desire to release your own CD. Neal Walters is the engineer in the studio, does the graphics design, and Coleen Walters does the cooking, keeps the books, advises on graphics design, and makes sure you have the pillow of your choice. We also help out with guitar, banjo, dulcimer, autoharp, concertina, mandolin, or bass accompaniment if you need us. Coleen is also quite adept at dealing with Harry Fox and other copyright issues.
We operate much like a bed and breakfast with a studio attached. You pay for the studio time and your meals and sleeping accommodation are provided free of charge. We've done nearly 40 CDs since we opened the studio in 2000. You can hear some of the results on our recently-released Basement Sampler CD (available on our products page). Some endorsements from our past clients are listed below as well.
We've been involved in the dulcimer and autoharp communities for nearly 30 years and many of our clients have come from within that community, but we've also recorded string band, gospel, jazz, and other types of music with an acoustic focus. Our list of satisfied clients is steadily growing.
We use Cubase SX3 and Wavelab 6 as our primary recording tools. Graphics design is done using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Acrobat, and other software as appropriate. We have some excellent instrument and vocal mics and experience with many software plug-ins that help to make the music all you want it to be.

Bacement Music Sample Recording:
Basement Music Sampler CD

You Can Purchase The Sampler CD From Basement Music In Our Online Store
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A Tribute to Melbourne E. Bay, 1913-1997

Mel Bay, founder and first president of Mel Bay Publications, Inc., died at age 84 on May 14, 1997. Mel Bay was born in the Missouri town of Bunker and raised in DeSoto where as a teenager he taught himself how to play the guitar and performed regularly with various Ozark region bands. His plans to study engineering in college were brought to a halt by the Depression.
Upon moving to St. Louis, Mel took up the tenor banjo and became a highly sought after musician and teacher. He began writing guitar methods in 1947. His method books grew in popularity worldwide and laid the foundation for most of today's guitar pedagogy. Guitar Player magazine referred to him as "the George Washington of the guitar." It is difficult to find a guitarist worldwide who has not, at some point, studied one of Mel's method books. Sales of his Modern Guitar Method series are estimated to be well in excess of 20 million copies.
Mr. Bay received many awards during his career which include the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Guitar Foundation of America, "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Retail Print Music Dealers Association, the "Owen Miller Lifetime Achievement Award" from the American Federation of Musicians, "Certificate of Merit" from the St. Louis Music Educators Association, a resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives honoring his achievements, a proclamation by mayor Freeman Bosley Jr. making October 25, 1996 "Mel Bay Day" in the city of St. Louis and a letter of commendation from President Clinton.
Mel Bay established the structure for modern guitar education and by so doing, laid the foundation for the continued growth and advancement of the instrument.

His Books Include:
Guitar Chords
Mandolin Chords
Old Time Fiddle Solos

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William Bay

William Bay is president of Mel Bay Publications, Inc. He is an accomplished guitarist and trumpet player and has performed on both instruments in a wide variety of professional settings. He is experienced as a performer and composer of music ranging from jazz and rock to the classics and sacred. He received his bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis and his master's from the University of Missouri. Bill has received international acclaim for his innovative teaching methods, and he has authored over 200 books with sales in the millions.

His Books Include:
Banjo Chord Chart
Fun with Strums: Guitar (Book)
Guitar Scales in Tablature (Book)
You Can Teach Yourself Guitar Chords - (Book)
You Can Teach Yourself Guitar - (Book/CD)
Great Guitar Picking Tunes - (Book/CD)
100 Gospel Favorites for Guitar - (Book)
Uke Chord Chart

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The Bergmann Brothers

The Bergmann Brothers are a trio made up of one Bergmann and no brothers that hails from Kent, Ohio. The group is comprised of Tina Bergmann, a virtuoso hammered dulcimer player known for her driving energy and syncopated rhythms, David Rice, a multi-instrumentalist well versed in the blues and old time traditions and hailed for his masterful harmonica playing, and Bryan Thomas, an accomplished and versatile musician who explores the solo and ethnic traditions of the double bass.
Tina began playing the hammered dulcimer at age eight and made her first recording at age 12. Coming from a diversely musical family that includes Classical pianists as well as a Great Grandfather who played his jaw harp and buck danced on the porch every morning, she was exposed to the dulcimer at age eight when her mother began playing music with a local musician and dulcimer builder by the name of Loy Swiger. Pete Seeger has described her as "the best hammered dulcimer player I've heard in my life."
David had his start in blues harmonica in 1972 and ten years later became interested in old time stylings. His influences included such harmonica masters as DeFord Bailey, Dr. Humphrey Bates and Gwen Foster. David also plays guitar with the Bergmann Brothers and has been known to break out the baritone horn for a tune or two. David and Tina have been playing music together since 1983.
Bryan was began music in his grade school string program on cello before he discovered there was something bigger and switched to the bass. He can be heard as a support musician as well as a soloist in an incredible array of diverse situations such as symphonic orchestras, salsa and swing bands, playing and singing jazz, blues, bluegrass, African music, American old time, as well as multi-media projects involving poetry, art dance, theater, visual arts and community works.

Their Recordings Include:
Fine Artiste (cd) MRC225

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Tina Bergmann & Bryan Thomas

Tina and Bryan have been performing together for ten years. This husband and wife duo met at college where Tina was pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts in Music Education and Bryan received a Bachelor of Music in Bass Performance. Their mutual love of and interest in music of many cultures brought them together and they began performing together in the fall of 1995. They were married in June of 1998 and now have two wonderful children: Isabel, born on March 29, 2000 and Theo, born on November 6th, 2002.
Tina is a self-taught musician brought up in the aural tradition who became an instructor and played professionally at an early age. At age 12 she established a thriving private studio and went on to perform and instruct at festivals and camps around the country. Her love for the hammered dulcimer and the music she makes is easily felt by audience members, workshop attendees and private students alike. She is known for her driving energy and syncopated rhythms and was described by Pete Seeger as "The best hammered dulcimer player I've heard in my life."
Bryan began playing music in his grade school string program on cello before he discovered there was something bigger and switched to the bass. His playing has been influenced greatly by his exposure to Ray Brown, Gary Karr, David Walter, and particularly Francois Rabbath. Bryan can be heard as a soloist and support musician in an incredible array of diverse situations such as symphonic and chamber ensembles, salsa and swing bands, playing and singing jazz, blues, bluegrass, Cuban music, American old time, as well as helping to create Ohio Arts Council projects involving poetry, art dance, theater, visual arts and community works.
Tina and Bryan's joy in their music is readily apparent. A quote from their newest release, All Roads Lead Home, says it all ".... Like most people, we are exposed to music and stories from all over the world. The common thread of the music here is how we've chosen to own what we've found. We travel many roads in our lives, and when we encounter something that rings true, we take it home."

Their Recordings Include:
All Roads Lead Home (cd) MRC226
These Winter Joys (cd) MRC227
A Collection of Tunes for the Hammered Dulcimer (book/cassette) MRC228
Fine Artiste (cd) MRC225
Shady Grove

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Mark Biggs

Born in 1954 in Kansas City, Missouri, Mark Biggs started playing the mountain dulcimer in 1979 when he found a job playing music in exchange for room and board in a small Greek restaurant on the south side of Crete. He's come a long way from those early "ad lib" days, winning many listeners' ears and a growing national reputation along the way. The author of two books, The Mountain Dulcimer (Mel Bay Publicaitons) and the Season of the Dream Songbook, he has also recorded two record albums, Not Licked Yet (Centennial Records) and Season of the Dream (Kicking Mule). Besides writing and recording for the dulcimer, he has taught hundreds of students around the Midwest at workshops, at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, and through the Continuing Education Departments at Southwest Missouri State University and Drury College in Springfield, Missouri, near his home near Table Rock Lake.
Mark has won many dulcimer championships, including: First Place (1984), National Mountain Dulcimer Championships, Winfield, Kansas; First Place (1983 & 1981), Southern Regionals in Arkansas; Third Place (1983), National Championships in Winfield, Kansas; First Place (1981), Ozark Mountain Championships, Branson, Missouri; and First Place (1980), Midwest Dulcimer Championships in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Mark has played and demonstrated the dulcimer to thousands of people at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri for the past several years. When the park closes for the winter, Mark can be heard in concert throughout the Midwest.

His Recordings Include:
Learn to Play the Mountain Dulcimer (DVD)

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Evo Bluestien

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Evo Bluestein brings to his music a rich legacy of American folk tradition, brilliant interpretation and original composition. Considered one of this country's most accomplished Appalachian-style autoharpists, Bluestein is equally known as a performer and teacher of oldtime fiddle, button accordion, guitar and banjo. His repertoire includes songs derived from Appalachian, Cajun, zydeco, blues and other styles of music.
While performing a spirited selection of American folk songs, he delights audiences with a taste of percussive stepdancing (clogging) as well. Raised in a musical family, for many years he performed in the Bluestein Family stringband. In addition to acoustic folk concerts, Bluestein plays accordion and fiddle in his electric band, Bad Boys Zydeco.

For booking information contact: Evo Bluestein, 10691 N. Madsen Ave., Clovis, CA 93611-9704. Phone: (559) 297-8966.

His Recordings Include:
Autoharp Method in Four Easy Steps Book/CD
Beginning Autoharp DVD
Advanced Autoharp DVD
Evoharp CD
Off the Top CD
Shut Up and Sing CD

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Linda Brockinton

Linda Brockinton's classical guitar-like style on the Mountain Dulcimer has led to her title as the National Mountain Dulcimer Champion 2001. Her warm personality and her unique finger-picking full chord playing is endearing her to the Folk Music Community. Her popularity as a performer and workshop instructor continues to grow. Linda has produced several tablature books and CDs that contain original compositions and tablature arrangements. The combination of the tablature books & CDs along with teaching at festivals, clubs, and privately allow Linda to follow the folk music tradition of passing on songs and the playing of instruments to all who want to share in the adventure.

Her Recordings Include:
Kindred Spirits (cd) MRC167
Celtic Spirits (cd) MRC168
An Old Fashioned Christmas (cd) MRC211
Songs of Ireland's National Composer- Turlough O'Carolan (cd) MRC245

Her Books Include:
A Christmas Book of Poetry and Mountain Dulcimer Tablature Arrangements MBK415
A Song in My Heart
A Celtic Collection
Hymns From the Heart

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Christie Burns and Butch Ross

Christie Burns and Butch Ross have been performing as a duo since 2003. With Christie on hammered dulcimer and Butch on mountain dulcimer and guitar, these two bring traditional tunes to life in unexpected ways. Christie previously founded and directed the Cork Dulcimer Festival in Cork City, Ireland. Now based in Kentucky, Butch and Christie enjoy teaching and performing at various dulcimer and acoustic music festivals all over the US as well as abroad. When they're not traveling, they run a weekly old time music session in Bowling Green, KY. Their debut cd, "Here to Play" was produced by Dan Landrum in Chattanooga, TN, and was released in January 2006

Christie Burns and Butch Ross' Recordings Include:
Here To Play Mountain & Hammered Dulcimer

Butch Ross' Recordings Include:
Moonshiners Atlas

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Rosamond Campbell

Rosamond Campbell has performed and given workshops at festivals throughout the country, including the Summer Solstice Festival, California; the Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering, New York; the Blacksmith Dulcimer Festival, Massachusetts; and the ASU Dulcimer Playing Workshop at Boone, North Carolina. She teaches privatley and at Hogeye Music in Evanston, Illinois, and is the founder of the Dulcimer Society of Northern Illinois.
Rosamond's Chicago-area credits include theatre, television, private programs and celebrations at such venues as the Chicago Historical Society, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Terra Museum of American Art, the Wrigley Mansion and even the Lincoln Park Zoo. An antique dealer as well as a classically-trained musician, she parlayed both interests into her books, The Victorian Dulcimer and The Parlour Dulcimer, both eclectic collections of nineteenth-century music (now out of print), and into a recording of musical Victoriana, A Tender Recollection.
Rosamond is also on the staff of Dulcimer Players News.

Her Books Include:
The Parlour Dulcimer (book)
The Victorian Dulcimer (book)

Her Recordings Include:
The Parlour Dulcimer (cd)
The Victorian Dulcimer (cd)

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Joe Carr

Guitar players may not recognize Joe Carr's name at first, but his face is probably familiar. That's because he appears in over 20 instructional guitar videos ranging from country to western swing, bluegrass and even heavy metal! Add to these his videos on mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and ukulele and Joe may be the most recorded video music instructor anywhere.
Joe is a self-taught musician originally from Denton, Texas who started guitar at age 13, inspired by the folk musicians of the 1960's. A few years later, he was hired to play guitar in Alan Munde's internationally known bluegrass group, Country Gazette. Over the next six years Joe recorded 3 group albums, numerous sideman projects and produced his own critically acclaimed solo guitar album, Otter Nonsense.

Joe left the Country Gazette in 1984 and joined the music faculty in the unique commercial music program at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas. He continues to perform in duo with former Gazette leader and South Plains College colleague Alan Munde. "Alan and I have a great artistic communication that leads us into many new areas of music," Joe says. In addition to two albums on the Flying Fish label, Joe and Alan have published an award-winning book about West Texas Country Music called Prairie Nights to Neon Lights from the Texas Tech University Press. Joe is also a regular columnist for Flatpicking Guitar magazine and writes for several other periodicals as well.

His Recordings Include:
Dulcimer Chords DVD by Joe Carr

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Ann and Phil Case

Ann and Phil Case are but two of a growing number of old-time performers from Ohio. They specialize in classic and more obscure sacred and heart songs. Ann plays guitar and mountain dulcimer, Phil mandolin, banjo and guitar. They feature rare vintage Martin and Gibson instruments and both are wonderfully sensitive singers. Ann and Phil Case have been singing and playing music together since 1990.

They specialize in singing old-time Appalachian duets, old-fashioned parlor songs and Depression-era tunes as well as performing old-time instrumental duets. Ann sings with a rare natural sweetness and plays back-up guitar and mountain dulcimer. Phil has played a wide variety of musical styles for over thirty years. He plays guitar, clawhammer banjo and mandolin, and provides harmony vocals. Their sound draws upon the influences of the Carter Family and their contemporaries, early country blues, ragtime, and traditional ballad singing. They have recently been awarded a grant as master artists from the Ohio Arts Council to teach Appalachian duet singing.

Thier Recordings Include:
Never Grow Old (cassette)
Never Grow Old (cd)
Springtime of Life (cassette)
Springtime of Life (cd)
Why Should We Be Lonely? (cd)
Holiday Sampler (cd)

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John and Heidi Cerrigione

An acoustic duo from Ellington, CT, John & Heidi Cerrigione ('ser-a-go-nee) quickly learned that there were listeners who enjoyed their simple brand of old-time acoustic music. Instrumentation typically includes autoharp, hammered and mountain dulcimer, banjo, guitar and acoustic bass. Their tunes are drawn from many traditional sources, including fiddle and dance music of early America, the British Isles and Switzerland. Jigs, reels, hornpipes and waltzes all find a place in the lineup. They are available to perform in public or private settings and Heidi also conducts workshops in autoharp, mountain and hammered dulcimers and John teaches autoharp and clawhammer banjo.

Email: Heidi@doofusmusic.com
Email: John@doofusmusic.com

Thier Recordings Include:
Single String Melodies Book/CD
Songs From Our Childhood Book/CD
Wood Stoves and Bread Loaves CD

You Can Purchase CD Recordings From John and Heidi Cerrigione In Our Online Store
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The Cherryholmes

Since 2002, Cherryholmes has been taking the bluegrass world by storm. This incredible family (dad, mom, and four children ages 13-21) travel throughout the country, approximately 300 days a year, singing, dancing, and playing the music with their trademark drive and energy.
Hitting their stride in 2003, they have traveled thousands of miles in their vintage 1960 GM 4104 bus/home. They have appeared on "The Grand Ole Opry", The Ryman Auditorium, Ernest Tubb's Midnight Jamboree, Nashville's Country Music Fan Fare, Branson, Dollywood, IBMA Fan Fest, and countless radio and TV shows, festivals, and concert venues throughout the U.S.

In 2004, Cherryholmes self-released their third CD, "Bluegrass Vagabonds," produced by Darrin Vincent. This recording has been a great bluegrass success. They have continued to receive many industry nominations and awards, including SPBGMA's "Entertaining Group of the Year, 2005" and "Banjo Player of the Year, 2005" (Cia Leigh). They are now signed with Skaggs Family Records with a new CD produced by Ben Issacs of the Issacs Family. This excellent recording is scheduled for release in September, 2005.
They have performed on many radio and television shows throughout the country and will be performing at many major bluegrass festivals throughout the United States in 2004, including their own new festival at the Hoofer's Gospel Barn in La Grange, GA.
Since emerging on the national bluegrass scene, Cherryholmes has thrilled audiences from coast to coast. Bringing crowds to their feet at nearly every performance, driving it hard and serving it straight up, they are "The Real Deal."

Thier Recordings Include:
2005 Cherryhomes (cd)
Bluegrass Vagabonds (cd)

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Jane Chevalier

Jane Chevalier bought herself a small hammered dulcimer in 1989 and took lessons from a local teacher. She quickly advanced to a larger, chromatic hammered dulcimer, and in 1990 began attending festivals workshops to learn from other players and teachers. Jane's own career as a hammered dulcimer teacher began in 1992. She now maintains a teaching studio with approximately 25 students, teaching both hammered dulcimer and autoharp. She regularly conducts hammered dulcimer workshops at the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival (Ashley, Ohio), Southern Michigan Dulcimer Festival (Parma, Michigan), Funfest (Evart, Michigan), and Folk Music Gathering (Midland, Michigan). Jane taught a series of workshops for Silver Strings Dulcimer Society (Westland, Michigan) and for Ann Arbor Public Schools Cultural Arts Program.

Old But Timely, Jane's first recording, was released in 1993 and is a collection of traditional tunes played on hammered dulcimer and accompanied by guitar, bass, autoharp and penny whistle. Her second recording, Dulcimer Noel, was released in 1995 and contains some of her favorite Christmas carols.

Her Recordings Include:
Old But Timely (cd)
Dulcimer Noel (cd)
2000 Hammered Dulcimer Anthology (book - various artists)

Her Books Include:
Old But Timely Companion book to the CD of the same name

*Picture and biography information used by permission from Jane Chevalier

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Joe Collins

Joe Collins began playing the mountain dulcimer in the late 70s in coffeehouses, churches, and schools. As an instrument of praise to his God and entertainment for others, the dulcimer quickly became an important part of Joe's life. In 1985, he expanded into the area of building. Since that time, Collins' dulcimers have found homes near and far. He loves working with and performing for people. His seven books of dulcimer tablature grew out of a desire to teach others to play. He leads workshops often and currently teaches private lessons as his schedule permits. Among his many opportunities to perform, demonstrations in schools are one of his favorites. He is a songwriter, vocalist, and an occasional guitarist. His performances are sprinkled with a lot of humor and some excellent mountain dulcimer playing - sure to bring a smile to audiences of all ages.

His Recordings Include:
Around the World w/ Mtn. Dulcimer - CD
Dancing of Time, The Cassette
Dancing of Time, The CD
Erin's Wish (Christmas) CD
For the Fun of It W/Mike McGee CD
Hymns for the Hearth Cassette
Hymns for the Hearth CD
*Simply Celtic CD (Book available)

His Books Include:
Simply Hymns DAD
Simply Hymns DGD
Around the World w/ Mtn. Dulcimer
Christmas With The Mt. Dulcimer
Simple Tunes for the Mt. Dulcimer
*Simply Celtic (CD available)

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Larry Conger

Larry Conger is from Paris, Tennessee, a small town halfway between Memphis and Nashville. There he operates a private music studio, teaching piano and guitar as well as mountain dulcimer. Larry is active as a participating artist for the Tennessee Arts Commission Arts In Education program and the Kentucky Arts Council Teacher Incentive Program, presenting dulcimer programs in the public schools.

A graduate of The University of Mississippi (Bachelor of Music 1978), Larry has been involved with music as a vocation for over 25 years. Besides being a popular performer and instructor at various dulcimer festivals around the country, Larry has also served as a Church Music Director for several Baptist churches.
In 1995, Larry won the Southern Regional Mountain Dulcimer Championship at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. In 1996, he teamed with Jim Curley of Kansas City to win the Southern Regional Dulcimer Ensemble Championship at the Folk Center. In 1998, Larry won the prestigious National Mountain Dulcimer Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.

His Recordings Include:
Kelly's Fancy (cassette) CASMRC026
Kelly's Fancy (cd) CDMRC027
September on the Mississippi (cassette) CASMRC028
September on the Mississippi (cd) CDMRC029

His Books Include:
Christmas Duets for Mountain Dulcimer (2 books/2CDs) CDBK401
Christmas With the Dulcimer - book - MBK015
Christmas with the Dulcimer (book/cd); BKCDMRC169
The Classical Dulcimer - book; MBK016
The Classical Dulcimer (book/cd) BKCDMRC172
Flat Picked Fiddle Tunes - book - MBK017
Flat-picked Fiddle Tunes (book/cd) BKCDMRC171
Hymns of Faith - book; MBK018
Hymns of Faith (book/cd) BKCDMRC170
September on the Mississippi; (book)MBK001
Traditional Wedding Classics (book/cd) BKCDMRC173

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Russell Cook

Russell Cook is the creative force behind Master Works, a small but internationally known company that creates handcrafted Hammer Dulcimers as well as providing the best in instrumental dulcimer music. In 1981, Russell competed and won the National Hammer Dulcimer contest in Winfield, Kansas. Since he was a child, Russell has always loved music. He has a quick natural talent for musical instruments, and is one of those rare people who can play by ear. Russell has created a signature style of instrumental Hammer Dulcimer music. Fans of his music declare, "Music at the hands of Russell Cook is some of the most beautiful and compelling I have ever heard." He is quick to credit God for his musical ability. When asked to describe his personal motto, Russell states, "To be a master of my work and to be about the work of the Master."

His Recordings Include:
White Christmas (cd)
Precious Memories (cd)
Hark (cd)
Timeless (cd)
Reminisce (cd)
Morning Has Broken (cd)
"Classical Journeys" Going Home
Twilight in the Highlands (cd)

His Books Include:
The Russell Cook Book
Understanding and Fine Tuning the HD (booklet)

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Mary Cox

Mary is best known for her old time banjo playing. She has won contests in Florida, North Carolina and Alabama, playing banjo, mountain dulcimer, and old time string band music. She is the current winner of the 2nd Annual Tommy Thompson Memorial Banjo Contest held at the 2004 Florida Folk Festival, the 2003 Florida Old Time Banjo Champion, and the 2002 Florida Old Time Mountain Dulcimer Champion. Mary and George Kralick (of Prague) placed third in the old time string band contest at the Florida Fiddlers Convention last fall. Tabs, MP3s, and favorable reviews of her work, have been published in Banjo Newsletter. Music from Walkin' That Banjo Home was featured last winter on National Public Radio's "All Songs Considered." Her CDs are played regularly online by the old time radio station, Sugar In the Gourd, as well as Frank P. Hoppes show on KCSN 88.5 in Southern California. Mary and her husband, Bob are also regular performers and workshop hosts at the Florida Folk Festival.

Her Recordings Include:
Dulcimer Fandango CDMRC180
Walkin' That Banjo Home CDMRC099
A Secret Life of Banjo (CD)
Vintage Banjo CDMRC098
Banjo Dreamin' Suwannee Nights (CD)

Her Books Include:
A Secret Life of Banjo Companion Tab Book
Vintage Banjo Companion Tab Book for CD

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Janet Rice Davis

Janet Rice Davis was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where music has always been an integral part of her family life. Although Janet's formal musical training was primarily in the classical field, she was fascinated with the stringed instruments, particularly those involved with folk and bluegrass music. In college she played the guitar and sang as a folk and blues musician in many of the Austin clubs, learning from such greats as Lightning Hopkins, Janis Joplin, and other well-known musicians, who played the same clubs. Today, Janet is primarily known as a bluegrass and five-string banjo specialist.

Her Books Include:
You Can Teach Yourself Banjo (book)

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Craig Dobbins

Craig Dobbins is the author of many books and recordings on fingerstyle guitar, including two volumes on the music of Jerry Reed and one on the music of Chet Atkins. His books have been published by Mel Bay Publications, Hal Leonard Corporation, and Warner Brothers Publications. Craig�s articles, transcriptions, and compositions have appeared in such publications as Acoustic Guitar magazine, Fingerstyle Guitar magazine, Fingerstyle Review magazine, and Mister Guitar (journal of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society). Craig also writes and publishes Acoustic Guitar Workshop, an instructional quarterly for fingerstyle guitarists.

His Books Include:
Fingerpicking Gospel Solos - (Book/CD)

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Doofus is indeed a strange name for a band! It usually refers to somebody whose elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, though it stops short of being an insult when used in a regular and conscientious program of good natured badinage between and among good friends. So while it might mean "village idiot" to some, it's really a token of our affection for each other and the music we make together! We are a lively old time band consisting of two couples: Neal & Coleen Walters and John & Heidi Cerrigione. Together we sing and play guitar, autoharp, mountain and hammered dulcimer, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and acoustic bass.

Their Recordings Include:
30 Songs for Autoharp & Mt. Dulcimer (Enhanced CD includes audio and tab books)
Doofus Occasional #1 - Traditional Songs and Tunes; MBK022
Doofus Occasional #2 - Autoharp Traditional Gospel Favorites MBK023
Doofus Occasional #3 - Waltzes and Old Time Songs; MBK024
Doofus Occasional #4 - Autoharp Favorite Waltzes MBK025
Handful of Songs (cassette) MRC012 / (cd) MRC013
Relatively Serious (cd) MRC153
What Did We Leave Behind (cassette) MRC010 / (cd) MRC011
Stream of Time CD

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Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan is an active Nashville musician fluid in both country and classical styles. He began his study of the violin when he was eight and went on to garner a Bachelor of Music degree from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Craig's performance experience includes the Grand Ole Opry, the Porter Wagoner Show, and TV specials with various country and bluegrass artists.
Craig has been the featured instrumentalist on over fifty record albums, with sales in excess of three million. He is a member of the National Fiddler's Hall of Fame and Who's Who in Music and Musicians and is recognized internationally for his numerous books and arrangements of fiddle music published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. He has produced numerous recordings for the gift shop market in a variety of musical styles.

As a hammered dulcimer player, he is known for his work on Green Hill's Country Mountain series as well as Brentwood Music's Smoky Mountain series. He is active in the Nashville music industry as an instrumentalist, contractor, producer and arranger. In addition to his performance activities, he is also Adjunct Professor of Fiddle at the Belmont School of Music in Nashville, Tennessee. He is actively involved in carrying on the tradition of American fiddling and is engaged in research, writing, and teaching in this field.

His Books Include:
Deluxe Fiddling Method - Book - MBK104
Famous Fiddlin' Tunes - MBK108
Fiddling Chord Book - MBK109
You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling - (Book/CD) - MBK131

His Recordings Include:
Irish Christmas (cd)
Bluegrass Christmas
An Old English Christmas
Christmas on the Mountain
Christmas In the Smoky Mountains

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Steve Eulberg

His Vision: "Helping people sing their soul and exploring singing the soul of others in order to experience God differently."This is Steve Eulberg's unique vision and motivation.
His Music: The music created by this talented artist is meant to be experiential and participatory, going beyond mere listening. His singable style appeals to a diverse mix of people varying in age, race, culture and orientation, in short all of God's people.
Music builds community. Steve passionately believes that music crosses cultural and language barriers. Influenced by a varity of ethnic styles, his music weaves vital lyric with rap, rock, folk, gospel and blues.

His Essence: Steve Eulberg, a life-long musician, explores innovative approaches to creating music that embraces his listeners and invites them to participate in a spiritual musical experience. Steve has become a leader in developing music for both mountain and hammered dulcimer that speaks to his listeners and students through various genres of music from classical to blues to rock and roll. He is musician, teacher, worship leader, producer and writer celebrating over 11 years of success. He has also successfully competed in national competitions with his dulcimers. He lives with his wife, Connie and two children, Kaitlin and Zachary in Fort Collins, Colorado.

His Instruments: When you ask this gifted musician 'How many instruments do you play?' The answer, 'I don't know... yet.' To date he plays: Piano, Guitar, Recorder & Tin Whistle, Mandolin, Mountain & Hammered, Dulcimers, African Percussion, Irish Bodhran, Didjeridoo,Trumpet & Trombone, Bagpipes.

His Books Include:
The Season of the Advent - (book) - DAA, DAG, DAC and EAA tunings

His Recordings Include:
Hark the Glad Sound! - (companion CD)
Twas In the Moon of Wintertime - (book/CD)
I Celebrate Life, Mountain and Hammered dulcimer CD
I Celebrate Life, Mountain and Hammered dulcimer Book/CD

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Lance Frodsham

Lance Frodsham is a nationally known mountain dulcimer player who has made several recordings. He is an author for Mel Bay Publications. Lance has taught dulcimer workshops in North Carolina, Wisconsin, New York, California, Oregon and Washington.

His Books Include:
English Songs and Ballads for Appalachian Dulcimer w/ CD; MBK030

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Jeff Furman

Jeff, a multi-instrumentalist, plays his mountain dulcimers with a uniquely expressive and creative flair. His characteristic rhythms have been strongly influenced by his twenty-plus years of playing melodic clawhammer banjo. Jeff is often joined by three talented musicians; Janet Furman, known for her beautiful vocals and sweet touch on melody and harmony fiddle, and adds a driving energy to fiddle tunes, Norm Boggs is a well-known and renowned old-time fiddler and guitar player.

Jeff displays his talents on both instruments throughout this recording and Gordon Arnold is a marvelous cellist who is capable of playing all kinds of music. In addition to bowing tasteful countermelodies and playing up-tempo fiddle tunes, Gordon also "frails" the cello giving a unique and supportive low rhythmic sound to fiddle tunes.
The mountain dulcimer, in the right hands, is capable of producing an amazing array of sounds, rhythms, emotions, and styles. Jeff Furman uses his dulcimers to showcase this wonderful instrument and create a wide variety of sounds and feelings. These sounds range from a lute-like quality on airs and an Italian "lauda" (song of praise), guitar-like leads on waltzes, droning bagpipe sounds on Celtic tunes, flat-picked leads on up-tempo fiddle tunes, mandolin-like rhythms, and traditional mountain strumming to backing up singing.

His Recordings Include:
Jory's Ladder (cd)
Prettiest Girl in the County (cd) by Jeff Furman and Well Strung Wood

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Phyllis Gaskins

Phyllis Gaskins from Port Republic, Virginia., plays and teaches in the traditional "Galax" style that she learned from Raymond Melton nearly 30 years ago. She continues the tradition of playing old Southwest Virginia and North Carolina fiddle tunes as well as traditional Irish and Scottish fiddle tunes. Having been born in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains she sings in the traditional unaccompanied style of her grandmother and sometimes accompanies herself with noter style dulcimer. She and her husband, Jim, learned from traditional fiddlers in their travels to Southwest Virginia, North Carolina, and Ireland. Her music can be heard on her two CDs, and her current projects include revising a book of Galax style music, writing stories and songs for children, and creating a new dulcimer CD.

Her Recordings Include:
Home Now (cd)
Traditional Dulcimer-Galax Style (cd)
Old Virginia CD

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Tull Glazener

I happened upon the Central Indiana Folk Music and Mountain Dulcimer Society's annual festival at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, and heard a couple of guest artists performing on the mountain dulcimer. I was amazed at its versatility and captivated by its sound. I immediately went home and dug my mountain dulcimer out the closet, joined the organization, found a teacher to get me started, and have rarely put it down since.

His Books & Recordings Include:
Dulcified (book) MBK031
Dulcified 1 (cassette) CASMRC055
Dulcified 2 (cassette) CASMRC056
Best of Dulcified 1 & 2 CDMRC057
How Can I Keep From Singing? (cassette) CASMRC058
How Can I Keep From Singing? CDMRC059
Plays Well With Others w/ Jim Sperry,Guy George& Demetrious Steinmetz CDMRC179
Waltzing With the Mountain Dulcimer; (book) MBK034
Waltzing with the Mt. Dulcimer (cassette) CASMRC053
Waltzing With the Mountain Dulcimer CD; CDMBK035

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Neil Griffin & Steve Griffin

Neil Griffin was born and still resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Music has always been his prime interest, starting wtih clarinet instruction in the fifth grade and learning guitar on his own. He performed as a member of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra at age 15 playing bass clarinet. He also began performing with area dance bands on saxophone, clarinet, and guitar. He studied music at the Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, playing First Chair Alto Sax as a freshman in the UNC Concert Band.

Neil taught as Band Director at three county schools for several years and at the same time privately for Kidd-Frix Music Co. in their Charlotte accordion school. When the School was purchased by Music Inc. Neil went into management and retail music sales for them. At the same time, Neil played regularly with his own band for wedding receptions, office parties, etc., and gained valuable experience from playing summer theater for many well-known stars as well as being called on a regular basis to play banjo, guitar, and clarinet for traveling Broadway shows appearing in the area.

Neil was very active in the Charlotte Musicians Association and served as president for approximately 13 years as well as holding other executive offices.
Some of the first professional jobs Neil played were good old southern square dances, which at that time weren't as fancy as they are today but provided him with an appreciation for country and bluegrass music that was never forgotten. He enjoyed doin 5 radio shows and two TV shows per week at WBT and WBTV in Charlotte for over a year.
In the early 60's Neil was hired to manage Tillman Music Co. in Charlotte. There he helped in starting the Aria Pro II line of instruments. Neil and his brother Steve, who also writes for Mel Bay Publications, went into the music-school business tohether in the 70's and later expanded as a retail music store. During this period Neil met Mel Bay and began to write material for 5-string banjo which was pretty scarce at the time. He has thoroughly enjoyed writing and teaching.
Currently, Neil is a performing musician, band leader and co-owner of the Neil Griffin Studios of Music in Charlotte, North Carolina where his instructional books are field tested and proven effective with students of all ages. He has authored or co-authored several books for Mel Bay Publications on the subjects of 5-string banjo, rock guitar, and accordion.

Their Books Include:
Deluxe Bluegrass/Flatpickin' Guitar (book)

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Neal Hellman

Neal Hellman has been active in acoustic music since 1973. He has penned several books about the Appalachian dulcimer and recorded numerous albums, including Oktober Country and Dream of the Manatee. With Joe Weed, he created the sound track for Princess Furball, an animated children's video.
In 1987, Neal founded Gourd Recordings and produced several albums including: Simple Gifts, A Victorian Christmas, Tender Shepherd, The World Turned Upside Down, and The Fairie Round. He lives and works in Central California.
An avid student of history and current events, Neal remarked on the fall of the Iron Curtain, "After all, people just want to shop."

His Books & Recordings Include:
*It�s a Dulcimer Life; MBK036 (Cassette available)
Dulcimer Chord Book; MBK038
Celtic Songs and Slow Airs for the Mountain Dulcimer (Book/CD)
The Music of the Shakers - Book
Dulcimer Method Book for beginners to intermediate players
*It's a Dulcimer Life (cassette) CASMBK037

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Geoff Hohwald

Geoff Hohwald has played and taught the banjo for more than forty years. He originally studied with the likes of John Hickman and Robbie Robinson and later came under the influence of other legendary performers such as Earl Scruggs, Bill Keith, J.D. Crowe and Sonny Osborne. Geoff wrote his first instructional books in 1979 and since then he and Bert Casey have sold over 1 million books, videos, and DVD's worldwide. Geoff has written several books (Banjo Primer & Banjo Songs). He also did the Introduction to Banjo Video.

His Books & Recordings Include:
Banjo Primer Book with CD

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Lois Hornbostel

Lois recalls her first meeting with the mountain dulcimer on a hiking trip in the mountains some 25 years ago: "First I was enchanted by its sound, then its appearance, next by its history." Her journey of learning and musical enrichment has been greatly enhanced by meeting many of her musical role-models, from classical to Cajun musicians. Lois continues to delight in how the mountain dulcimer can add its lovely, ancient voice to many styles of music from Celtic dance and harp music to old-time and Cajun dance tunes. As a musician Lois's versatility and expression shine, and she has introduced with authenticity several different styles of music to the mountain dulcimer's repertoire.

Her Books & Recordings Include:
American Fiddle Tunes; MBK039
Anthology for the Fretted Dulcimer ; MBK041
Cajun Favorites for the Mountain Dulcimer (Book/CD)
Dulcimer Enchantment (cassette - limited stock) CASMRC165
Dulcimer Jubilee; CDMRC065
Dulcimer Jubilee; MBK040
Dulcimer Rounds, Duets and Ensembles; MBK043
Dulcimer Rounds, Duets and Ensembles; MBK043
The Irish Dulcimer; MBK044

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Alisa Jones

Daughter of legendary "Hee Haw" comedian/musician Grandpa Jones, Alisa developed an interest in music at an early age. As an acclaimed hammered dulcimer player, she has appeared on The Grand Ole Opry and with The Nashville Symphony Orchestra as featured soloist. Her recording credits include projects with such artists as Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Michael Card, and Mark O'Connor and the original motion picture soundtrack of COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER.

Her Recordings Include:
Wildwood Flower (cd)
Home Sweet Home (cd)
Irish Dreams I (cd)
Irish Dreams II (cd)
Church in the Wildwood (cd)
Hammered Strings (cd)
Old Time Reunion (cd)
Old Time Gathering (cd)

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Lorinda Jones

Lorinda Jones is a nationally recognized Celtic Harp and Mountain Dulcimer performer and teacher, specializing in Celtic and American traditional music, currently teaching and performing at festivals, state parks, music camps, school assemblies, weddings, special events, and school residency programs through the TIP (Teacher Initiated Program), AIR (Artist-In Residence), and VSA (Very Special Arts) grant programs. She has taught and performed extensively in Kentucky, and in many parts of the United States, from Maine to Texas.

Lorinda is a founding member of the Heartland Dulcimer Club in Elizabethtown. The club performs regularly for community events, non-profit fund raisers, as well as special paid events, and is the sponsor of an annual music festival attracting participants from across the United States.
After teaching music for thirteen years in a local school, Lorinda began a private practice in music therapy, Music Therapy Services of Central Kentucky, that serves children and adults with disabilities. She also teaches the music therapy practicum courses at the University of Louisville.

Her Books & Recordings Include:
Celtic Harper - CD
Dulcimer a la Mode - (various tunings) book/CD
Learn to Play the Mountain Dulcimer-Books 1 and 2
Lullabies and Other Lilting Melodies for Dulcimer (Book)
No Shadows - CD
Just By Chance w/ Lorinda Jones "Cottages and Castles" (cd)
The Celtic Collection (Book/CD)

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Helen Johnson

Helen Johnson has been singing and playing the piano all her life. Then on a trip through the Appalachian Mountains she heard a psaltery, and it was love at first sound; she purchased her first psaltery that same day.
Later she began to play the mountain dulcimer to be able to accompany other instruments and is also learning to play recorders and tin whistle.
She branched out into arranging to accommodate the needs of the small group with which she plays. These books are the result.
She teaches/coaches others who wish to learn to play the dulcimer and psaltery and is also available for workshops on both instruments.

Her Books Include:
Deep Roots
Hymns and Gospel Songs
How Great Thou Art
The Promised Land
Tunes and Ballads
Favorite Christmas Carols for the Mountain Dulcimer (and Friends)

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Alison Krauss & Union Station

Alison Krauss & Union Station Alison Krauss, at the age of 33, has achieved more career milestones than most people do in their lifetime. To date, she has earned 17 Grammy Awards, multiple Country Music Association Awards and International Bluegrass Music Awards and countless others. Alison is also recognized as an acclaimed record producer (Nickel Creek, The Cox Family) and has contributed as an instrumentalist or vocalist on albums of every genre-classical, jazz, pop, country, bluegrass and even polka. The members of Union Station are: Dan Tyminski, Jerry Douglas, Ron Block and Barry Bales.

Their Recordings Include:
Live (2 cd set)
Lonely Runs Both Ways (cd)
New Favorite (cd)

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Dan Levenson

Dan Levenson is a modern day troubadour in the truest sense of the word. A full time musician, Dan travels the country with banjo, fiddle and guitar singing songs and telling stories while clogging to the rhythms of his Southern Appalachian roots. Dan is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native who now makes his home with his wife Jennifer in Gallia County in the Appalachian region of Southern Ohio. Dan's parents were Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania natives as well and they raised him with the music he has come to perform. His father, Fred, called dances and his mother, Naomi, played piano, guitar, and sang in several musical groups in the Pittsburgh area. They even met at a square dance! He has been touring nationally some 16 years now. In that time he has become a well known artist of the Appalachian style fiddle and old time clawhammer banjo.

His stage show combines fiddle, banjo, guitar, dance and song in a storytelling format to tell the story of life in rural Appalachia and life on the roads of America via the music of our country. He is an accomplished and dynamic fiddler who has taught himself to fiddle and clog at the same time--a real treat to see! Audience participation and occasional guest performers figure strongly in his shows and children won't let themselves be left out of the fun!

His Recordings Include:
Clawhammer from Scratch (video)
Clawhammer from Scratch, Vol. 2 (video)

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Maddie MacNeil

Madeline Macneil is well known for her talents as a singer and performer on the hammered and fretted dulcimers. She is equally well known for the warmth and generosity with which she shares her music and encourages others to play and sing. The silver-haired woman with the golden voice has won the admiration of countless fans across the country, performing in concerts and festivals throughout the United States. Maddie's twenty-five years as a professional musician have produced many recordings as well as two books for Mel Bay Publications. She arranged the music for Ralph Lee Smith's book from Mel Bay, Songs of the Wilderness Road. Maddie publishes Dulcimer Player News, which reaches dulcimer enthusiasts throughout the United States and in many other countries.
Her recordings include All Through the Night, A Place Apart, The Lone Wild Bird, The Crowning of the Year, and Heart's Ease, which won an Indie from the National Association of Independent Record Distributors.

Her Books & Recordings Include:
You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer - Book
You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer cassette
You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer - book/CD
You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer - MBK071
You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer cassette - MBK072
The Wonderful World of DAA w/ CD
Shall We Gather - MBK118

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James Major

Multi-instrumentalist James Major hails from suburban Detroit and started playing harmonica in 1966. In 1974 he founded the music education and lesson program at Acoustic Music in Salt Lake City. He later attended the Jazz Dept. at the University of Utah and in 1982 wrote the Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia for Mel Bay Publications, Inc. Since then, he has written and produced several instructional music books. He's a seasoned music educator and continues to conduct seminars, individual and group lessons.

His Books Include:
Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia (book)

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Donna Missigman

Donna Missigman is a hammered and mountain dulcimer, harp and bowed psaltery performer, teacher and recording artist. Her performances include the Bonnie Brae Scottish Games (1998, 2000, 2003); Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival (1996-2003); Hawaii Scottish Games (1999); International Celtic Festival (1999); Delco Scottish Games (1997-98); Ohio Scottish Games (1996); and Greater Philadelphia Scottish and Irish Music Festival and Fair (1995-2000).

She has taught hammered and mountain dulcimer and bowed psaltery at numerous festivals including the Pocono Dulcimer Festival (2005-2006); North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Festival (2002); Kentucky Music Week (2004-2005); PattyFest (2004); Chestnut Ridge Dulcimer Festival (2004; Ohio Valley Gathering (2002-04); National Trail Dulcimer Festival (2001-02); Dulcimore Festival (2001); Allegheny Dulcimer Festival (2001); Midland Dulcimer Festival (2001); Celtic College (2001); ODPC Funfest (2000-05); Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival (2000); Buckeye Dulcimer Festival (2000-01); Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering (1996-2005); Blacksmith House Dulcimer Festival (1999); Memphis Dulcimer Festival (1999); Yellowbanks Dulcimer Festival (1997); Cooks Forest Dulcimer Festival (1998-2003); DAA Music Festival (1999); Jubilee Pickers Festival (2004); Off the Wall Dulcimer Society (1998), the Endless Mts. Council for the Arts (1999) and dulcimer at Lycoming College's College For Kids (1995-99) as well as mountain dulcimer residencies in public schools.
She was a rostered artist for the PA Council for the Arts, and served on the advisory board for the Northern Tier Partnership for the Arts in Education. Her first dulcimer book, Resurrection Road, Lenten and Easter Music for Mountain Dulcimer is 35 traditional and contemporary selections from the church for Lent and Easter arranged for intermediate and advanced mountain dulcimer players. The Dulcimer Capo Book is a collection of capo friendly tunes for mountain dulcimer. Several of her teaching articles have been published in Dulcimer Player's News, a quarterly publication for dulcimer enthusiasts.
Donna's recordings include Wanderings (1994), Folk and Traditional Music; Snow on the Mountain (1994), Christmas music; Old Grey Stones (1995) Scottish, Irish and Old English dance music performed on hammered dulcimer, flute, guitar and trumpet; Lullaby (1997) mostly Celtic lullabies performed on hammered dulcimer, harp, and guitar; and Noel (1999) Christmas music performed on hammered and mountain dulcimer, oboe, harp and keyboards.

Her Books & Recordings Include:
Beginning Bowed Psaltery (book)
Lullaby (cd) MRC083
Noel (cd) MRC084
Old Grey Stones (cd) MRC109
Snow on the Mountain (cd) MRC085
Wanderings (cd) MRC086

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Mountain Heart

Mountain Heart was only formed in 1998 but it quickly gained acclaim and, in 1999, was voted International Bluegrass Music Association's Emerging Artists of the Year. No surprise as its founding members were well experienced on the bluegrass scene. In fact, half the members of the band are veterans of Doyle Lawson's highly disciplined Quicksilver band, and Mountain Heart offers up a virtuosic, distinctively up-to-date sound. Founding member and mandolinist Adam Steffey hailed from the fertile East Tennessee bluegrass territory and was a key part of Alison Krauss + Union Station. Fellow founding member Barry Abernathy, voted banjo player of the year in 1997 by the Preservation of Bluegrass Music, began his career performing bluegrass gospel with Silver Creek.

Steve Gulley hailed from a musical family; his father Don was program director of with The Pinnacle Boys, a group very popular in the Knoxville, Tennessee area in the 1970s. Guitarist Clay Jones, who's from Mocksville, N.C. and started playing bluegrass banjo at age seven, has toured with Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder. Fiddler Jim VanCleve, guitarist Steve Gulley, and Abernathy all performed with Doyle Lawson's Quicksilver band. Jason Moore (bass), who has also been featured on IBMA award-winning recordings, rounds out the group who will be at the 2005 Great Lakes Folk Festival.
While the group loves performing straight-ahead traditional bluegrass classics also incorporate new tunes on contemporary topics. As Gulley puts it, "You can only sing about cabins and plowing with mules so many times. We're all mountain boys, but you also have to write about something that you know. We never had to plow with mules, or live in a cabin-all the stuff our fathers did." So, Mountain Heart balances playing tribute to bluegrass greats with contemporary songs about subjects such as war-born tragedy, domestic violence, aging, and women's life and career choices.

Their Recordings Include:
Force of Nature (cd) CDMRC406
Wide Open (cd)

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Karen Mueller

Karen Mueller is one of the top autoharp and mountain dulcimer players today. Her exciting and innovative performing style, featuring Appalachian, Celtic and contemporary music, has been applauded by critics and audiences from LA to Boston. Bluegrass Unlimited magazine has said "Karen Mueller's touch, timing and taste make her a true virtuoso. Her talent and clarity ... deserve a wide audience." Karen won the 1986 International Autoharp Championship and was a National Dulcimer finalist in 1985, both at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS. A native of Winfield, she first attended the festival while in high school and was inspired to learn to play the autoharp and dulcimer by the performers she saw there.

While touring extensively as a soloist, she also currently works in the band of Katie McMahon, original lead singer of Riverdance. Karen is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist; besides autoharp and dulcimer, she plays guitar, mandolin, Irish bouzouki and bass dulcimer. In 2000, the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association awarded Karen its "Recognition of Excellence." She has also been an official showcase artist at the North American Folk Alliance Conference. Based in Minneapolis, Karen is in demand as a performer, studio musician, school residency artist and instructor. She gives private lessons in the Twin Cities to around 50 students of all ages and levels at West Bank School of Music and Homestead Pickin' Parlor. Karen is also on the rosters of Young Audiences of Minnesota and the State Arts Board's Folk Arts Directory.

Her Books & Recordings Include:
"Auoharp Gourmet" (Enhanced CD): It's a CD! It's a book! It's BOTH! Celtic Autoharp (book) MBK102
Still Point (cd) MRC019
Clarity (cd) MRC020

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Mark Nelson

Multi-instrumentalist Mark Nelson has been active in the folk, Celtic and world music scene since the early 1970's. Considered one of the nation's premiere mountain dulcimer players-he won the National Championships in 1979-he is equally adept at the Appalachian dulcimer, guitar, 'ukulele, bass and various other instruments. His passion for Hawaiian slack key guitar led him to seek out and study with the masters of the vanishing art form. In 1997, Mark and revered Hawaiian musician Keola Beamer co-authored "learn to Play Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar," the first comprehensive tutorial for this gentle art form.

After a lengthy touring career, Mark now hosts The Aloha Music Camp, a weeklong immersion into the music and culture of Hawaii with Hawaii's beloved Beamer family. (Aunty Nona Beamer recently honored him with the Hawaiian name "Kailana".)
Acoustic Guitar Magazine dubbed his most recent CD, "The Water is Wide", a lovely blend of Celtic dulcimer and Hawaiian slack key guitar, "achingly beautiful." Mark's new Mel Bay book, "Learn to Play Fingerstyle Solos for 'Ukulele" will be released in early 2006.
Mark lives in Southern Oregon's beautiful Applegate Valley, where he maintains a small recording studio and writes about music and music technology for a number of publications.

His Books & Recordings Include:
Complete Book of Celtic Music for Appalachian Dulcimer (book)
Complete Book of Celtic Music for Appalachian Dulcimer (cd)
Beginning Appalachian Dulcimer; (video)

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Sonny Osborne

Sonny began playing banjo at age 11, when he was in the sixth grade. Sonny began playing music with some local musicians, Claude Stewart, Jerry Williams, and Carl Eldridge. When school was out in June of 1952, Jimmy Martin and Sonny went to Beanblossom, Indiana to see Bill Monroe. Bill hired Jimmy, and with Jimmy's insistence, also hired 14 year old Sonny. A week later they were off to Nashville. On Sonny's first Grand Ole Opry appearance with the Bluegrass Boys, he performed "Rawhide". It was during this time period when Sonny recorded nine tunes with Monroe. This was quite an experience for 14 year old Sonny, and he continued as a Bluegrass Boy through the summer until school started in September.

That following April, Bill Monroe came through Dayton. Sonny persuaded his father to allow him to go with Bill to Toledo, Ohio and "play a date or two" with him. By now, Sonny knew this was what he wanted to do with his life. When they returned, Bill asked Sonny's father if he could go to work with him on a permanent basis. Sonny's father agreed on the condition that Bill would "look out for him". Sonny said that was the last he ever heard of that conversation, and at age 15, he found himself naive and out on his own, with Jimmy Martin, Charlie Cline and Bill Monroe to learn from. Sonny stayed with Bill until Bobby's release from the Marine Corp. Sonny and his brother Bobby began their career performing together on November 6, 1953, at WROL Radio in Knoxville, Tennessee.

His Books Include:
Bluegrass Banjo Method - Book

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Jeanne Page

Jeanne Page has been entertaining audiences since age 12, and is one of the most dynamic hammered dulcimer players in the country today, and also lends her soulful, award- winning vocals to the group, The Next Chapter . Jeanne has previously played in the bands Heirlooms and Tapestry. She is the best-selling author of seven books on the hammered dulcimer through Mel Bay publications, making her one of the most prolific authors on the instrument.

Her Books Include:
Irish Songbook for Hammered Dulcimer (Book)
Scottish Songbook for Hammered Dulcimer (Book)
With This Ring for Hammered Dulcimer (Book)
Arranging for Hammered Dulcimer (Book)

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Don Pedi

Don Pedi's music sounds with a clear melody and a pureness of spirit. It surpasses the boundaries of musical style, unfolding a timeless expression of human creativity. For over thirty years Don has amazed and delighted audiences with his unique "Fiddle-Pick" style of playing the dulcimer. Drawing on decades of association with many of the best musicians in the southern mountains, as well as his deep commitment to preserving the old music, Don carries on the tradition in an exiting and innovative fashion unrivaled on the Mountain Dulcimer. Rhythm and melody match the fiddles, up to speed, note for note, creating an ancient sound, that strikes a chord with the most modern listener.

His Books & Recordings Include:
Bound to Have A Little Fun (Book/CD)
Bound To Have a Little Fun (cd)
Mountain Views w/ Hilary Dirlam (guitar) (cd)
Rare Old Chestnuts w/ Bruce Green (fiddle) (cd)
Saturday Night Magic (cd)
Short Time Here (cd)

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Meg Peterson

Meg Peterson is the premier Autoharp teacher in the U. S. She has introduced thousands of people-- teachers, students, young and old-- to the delights of this versatile instrument. She has spent the last thirty years collecting and transcribing traditional and innovative ways to play the autoharp, which has resulted in the writing and arranging of thirty books. In her first method book, written in 1965, she introduced her own scoring tablature that has become universal to all autoharp pickers, from beginners to advanced players.

Since the autoharp arrived on the musical scene relatively recently, as musical history goes, very few people had learned to do anything with it, except push buttons and stroke. Meg, therefore, invented many of the strums and new techniques shown in her books, using existing guitar and banjo patterns as guidelines, and transcribed them in a way that is playable on the autoharp. As a result, the autoharp has come into its own as an integral and respected part of country and bluegrass combos. Meg has traveled widely, giving workshops as far away as Australia, England, and South Africa, and has been a judge at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.
IN July 1995 Meg was inducted into the Autoharp Hall of Fame " for her exceptional contribution to the autoharp community. " Meg is also A violinist and was educational director of Oscal Schmidt International for 15 years. During that time she worked extensively with music educators, classroom teachers, music therapists and special educators, showing them how to use the autoharp IN their teaching programs. Ms. Peterson also served as executive director of Music Education for the Handicapped for six years, during which time she ran three international symposia. (Biography information from Amazon.com)

Her Books Include:
Complete Method for Autoharp (Book/CD)
Song of Christmas for Autoharp w/ Dan Fox -MBK119
You Can Teach Yourself Autoharp (Book/CD) - MBK128
A Treasury of Hymns and Spirituals for Autoharp (Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo & Keyboard) Book
A Treasury of Favorite Songs for Autoharp - (guitar, uke, banjo, mandolin & keyboard)
Hymns For the Autoharp (Book)

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Red Dog Jam

Jack Giger and Mary Tangen-Giger are Red Dog Jam. Jack plays guitar for the band as well as an occasional mountain dulcimer, dulci-jo and mandolin. He called Collinsville, Illinois home for many years and is retired from full time social work for the State. Jack is known for being a workshop leader and teacher at various festivals as well as the original organizer of the Great River Road Dulcimer Festival held each year in Grafton, Illinois. Mary grew up in the Chicago suburbs but moved away too long ago to remember. She still works as an RN at their winter headquarters in Arizona. Mary plays mountain dulcimer, mandolin, dulci-jo and anything else she can get her hands on. She also started singing out when Jack urged her to a number of years ago. Mary has also taught mountain dulcimer at various festivals.

Jack and Mary also play with "THE LONG AGO STRINGBAND". We play "Satisfying Music" all over the country. We specialize in that good "Old Time Stringband" sound. When you hear us you will experience the sweet sounds of the Mountain Dulcimer, Autoharp, Concertina, Guitar and Mandolin.

Their Books & Recordings Include:
A Prairie Moon Companion Book I (book)
A Prairie Moon Companion Book II (book)
Windmills (CD)

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Sam Rizzetta

Sam Rizetta is a musician, artist, and musical instrument maker who has been at the forefront of Dulcimer music since the 1960's. His award winning, handmade instruments and his expressive playing have brought the magic of dulcimers to many people and many places, including the National Cathedral and the Kennedy Center. The influential dulcimer quartet and string band, Trapezoid, was founded by Sam in 1975. He also started the dulcimer playing workshops and taught for over twenty-five years at the Augusta Heritage Center at Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, West Virginia.

In addition to recording with Trapezoid, Sam has ten solo CDs of original and traditional music. Rizetta dulcimers have been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution and the National Folk Festival, and featured in the first issue of Fine Woodworking Magazine. Many of Sam's design innovations have become essential to the modern dulcimer and are enjoyed by almost all of today's dulcimer players, performers, and builders. His invention of the Piano Dulcimer has made it possible for many more musicians to understand and play the dulcimer and to use it for a greater variety of music. Sam also designs instruments for dulcimer manufacturer Dusty Strings of Seattle, Washington, writes the Technical Column for Dulcimer Player News, and builds instruments in his West Virginia studio. Sam and his wife, Carrie, grow hollyhocks and share ten acres with assorted birds, fish, cats, and deer.

His Books & Recordings Include:
In the Garden (CD)
A Collection of Original Music for Hammered Dulcimer (book) His Books Include:
Fingerpicking Gospel Solos - (Book/CD)

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Jerry Rockwell

Jerry Rockwell is one of a handful of folk musicians who, since about 1970, have been national and international advocates for the mountain dulcimer. He is an accomplished player, teacher, composer, arranger, and custom builder of this American folk instrument. Discovering the dulcimer, via the albums of Mimi and Richard Fari�a, was a life-changing experience for Jerry, who at the time was attending SUNY Plattsburgh and playing rock and jazz guitar in northern New York and southern Quebec. The English folk band, Steeleye Span, further inspired him with the rich folk music traditions of the British Isles.

To date, six recordings feature Jerry's dulcimer and guitar performances. In fact, he built the mountain dulcimers played on his The Blackbird and the Beggarman recording. He has written eight instructional books and numerous dulcimer-related articles and is co-founder of two dulcimer festivals.
Jerry concentrated on music theory and composition at Ohio State University, graduating cum laude in 1989 with a BA in music. He now lives and works in the Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio near Athens, and regularly teaches mountain dulcimer at home and at workshops and music festivals across the country.

His Books & Recordings Include:
The Blackbird and the Beggarman (book)
Music Theory and Chord Reference for Mountain Dulcimer (book)
Dulcimer Solos Vol.2 (book)
Favorite American Folktunes (cd) MRC166

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Art Rosenbaum

Art Rosenbaum of Athens, Georgia, has been collecting, studying, and performing traditional American music for over 35 years. He sings and plays 5-string banjo, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, and mouth bow. His repertoire, much of it learned first-hand in the course of his field work, ranges for Appalachian banjo tunes and ballads through Southern and Midwestern fiddle tunes to blues and spirituals.
An authority on traditional banjo styles, Rosenbaum wrote two instructional books on the banjo, the influential Old-Time Mountain Banjo (Oak Publications, 1968) and The Art of the Mountain Banjo (Kicking Mule, 1975). He was a teacher/performer at all three semi-annual sessions of the Tennessee Banjo Institute. He is also author of Folk Visions and Voices: Traditional Music and Song in North Georgia (University of Georgia Press, 1983) which also features his drawings and paintings and Margo Newmark Rosenbaum's photographs. Art and Margo Rosenbaum have collaborated on a second book, Shout Because You're Free; The Ring Shout and Its Survival in a Georgia Coastal Community, released by the University of Georgia Press in 1998. Art Rosenbaum is a regular recording and book reviewer for The Old Time Herald and he and his wife were featured in an article in that magazine in 1995. Art was director of the University of Georgia Festival of North Georgia Traditional Music and Dance on the occasion of the 1996 Olympic Games.

His Books Include:
The Art of the Mountain Banjo - Book/CD

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Butch Ross

When Butch Ross was given a Mountain Dulcimer for his birthday a few years ago, he had no idea that it would alter the course of his career. Ross, already an accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter, fell in love with the primitive sound of the instrument and the creative possibilities that abound in its limitations.
In July of 2002 Butch was a featured performer at the Cork Dulcimer Festival, in Cork Ireland. There he met mountain dulcimer legend Robert Force. Force (who toured for years as a duo with the late Albert d'Ossche and with him co-wrote the book "in search of the wild dulcimer"), was impressed with Ross' playing and his approach to the instrument and offered to produce his next CD and release it on his label, Blaine Street Records.

The result of that collaboration, The Moonshiner's Atlas showcases Butch's command of the traditional (lap) style of playing, as well as his iconoclastic method of holding it upside down, and re-strung like a guitar. Musically, The Moonshiner's Atlas has experimented with blending and blurring the line between old-time and contemporary songs. The man onetime called "Bela Fleck of the mountain dulcimer" makes, "the old songs sound new, and the new songs sound old".

His Recordings Include:
Moonshiners Atlas (CD)

Recordings with Christie Burns
Here To Play Mountain & Hammered Dulcimer (CD)

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Lee Rowe

Whether playing a fiddle tune at lightning speed, or coaxing the depth of emotion from a tragic ballad, Lee Rowe is introducing new audiences to the plaintive sound of the mountain dulcimer, an instrument that has it's roots in the Appalachian frontier of early America. Lee has held onto the instrument's traditional roots while creating new music that transcends easy categorization.
Lee began playing the dulcimer while still a teenager in Portsmouth, Virginia. Being isolated from the dulcimer community, he developed his own unique style by borrowing techniques from other instruments such as guitar and mandolin. He began performing and writing with Bonaparte's Revenge in Richmond, Virginia. In 1995 he moved to Nashville, TN where his style, which combines complex crosspicking with the instrument's rhythmic drone, has continued to evolve.

His arrangements of traditional music won him numerous awards including the 1999 U.S. National Dulcimer Championship in Winfield, KS. His ultimate goal, whether as a composer, performer or teacher, is to expose more people to the beauty and potential of the mountain dulcimer as a vital and creative instrument.

His Books & Recordings Include:
Secrets Revealed - The Music of Wire and Wood (book)
The Beginning Dulcimist Vol. I - Playing the Mountain Dulcimer From Scratch (book)
Memories, Ghost Stories and Second Chances - (CD)

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Merv Rowley

Merv was raised and educated in north-central Ohio, and graduated from Case Institute of Technology (Cleveland) with both a BS and MS in Engineering. He served as a reserve officer in the Navy during WWII, followed by 40 years of industrial experience in research and foundry engineering. Merv took early retirement in 1982, then spending 16 more years as a dulcimer builder (Roselle Dulcimers) in the suburbs of Chicago. His instruments are found coast-to-coast.
Discovery of the mountain dulcimer was by accident, during a business trip to Cincinnati in 1976. He bought and built a kit by Bill Walker that year. but didn't take time to learn to play it until 1979. Merv's education in music has come from self-study, built upon early beginnings with keyboard instruments.

Since 1995, he has devoted attention to chromatic dulcimers and music arrangements. He discovered the 1-3-5 tuning in 2002 upon hearing a tape with a piece by Connie Allen, played in that arrangement. The music was chromatic, and Merv's interests were suddenly redirected to finding and arranging public domain music for the diatonic dulcimer. To date, he has written three books of 1-3-5 tablature in order to direct attention to this tuning.
His other activities besides building and arranging have included private teaching, workshops, pro bono performances at nursing homes, schools and heritage festivals. In his spare time, he has served twelve years as a director of the Homeowner's Association in the community where he lives.

His Books Include:
Beautiful Dreamer - DF#A & FAC tuning
Love's Old Sweet Songs - DF#A tuning
A Rainbow Collection - 1-3-5 tuning
Songs America Loved - DF#A tuning

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John Sackenheim

John has been playing the mountain dulcimer since his introduction to the instrument in May of 1999, purchasing his first instrument on a "dare" by a Navy buddy's wife. It was purchased at Simple Sounds in Shipshewana, Indiana and he attended his first dulcimer workshop/festival in January of 2000. He has performed on Open Stages in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana as well as Nursing Homes, churches, and AARP meetings and events in the Hamilton, Ohio area. John has taught 1-3-5 workshops at dulcimer festivals and is available to teach workshops at your dulcimer club functions or festivals. Please contact Gail West of GMW MarketingPLUS at gwest1955@aol.com for booking information and scheduling arrangements. We look forward to more 1-3-5 mountain dulcimer tablature arrangements by John in the future.

His Books Include:
New Old Hymns for the Mountain Dulcimer (book)
The Mountain Dulcimer Plays Hank Williams (book)
The Mountain Dulcimer Plays Patsy Cline (book)

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Maggie Sansone

Maggie Sansone is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a critically acclaimed recording artist and performer on the hammered dulcimer. She plays an extremely varied repertoire, either solo or accompanied by guitar, harp, violin, or flute- delighting audiences with her mastery. Celtic, Renaissance, classical, colonial, or popular in origin, Maggie's innovative arrangements and instrumentation transform Celtic pieces into period crossovers she calls "cool Celtic." As a popular hammered dulcimer performer at major fairs and festivals and a recording artist and teacher, Maggie Sansone has been a major force in introducing and bringing her hammered dulcimer style and sounds to thousands of people around the world. Her early love of music began with piano studies at the age of eight in her home town, Miami, Florida. By the time she graduated from high school, she played recorder, guitar and bassoon. After graduating from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Maggie took up residence in Baltimore, Maryland, and began her musical career.

An active and versatile musician, she was a member of an Irish band, directed recorder ensembles, accompanied dance classes, and studied banjo and mandolin. During a visit to Key West, Florida, Maggie heard the unique sounds of the hammered dulcimer and decided to make it her principal instrument. Her Books Include:
Mist and Stone
A Traveler's Dream
Sounds of the Season
A Scottish Christmas
Celtic Meditations into the light
Maggie's Big Book of Celtic Tunes & More

Her Recordings Include:
Mist & Stone
Sounds of the Season Volume I
Celtic Meditations Into the Light
Mystic Dance

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David Schnaufer

When David Schnaufer came to Nashville, it was with the talent and commitment to move the sweet sound of the Appalachian dulcimer into the music mainstream. His strong respect for the instrument's musical and cultural heritage and his unshakable belief in its range and possibilities have allowed him to do just that.

"As a solo artist, a bandleader, and a featured studio player on some of Nashville's most memorable recent recordings, David's pulled off a near miracle. He's made a close-to-forgotten acoustic instrument relevant, and he's done it in a hi-tech age obsessed with drum machines and the latest synthesized equipment." (Michael McCall)

David has brought this instrument into the classical arena with Blackberry Winter, a concerto for music box, mountain dulcimer and orchestra which he wrote with Conni Elisor, Nashville composer and arranger. Delcimore, his CD released in 1998, features this beautiful piece of music played by the Columbus, Georgia symphony featuring David Schnaufer and Stephen Seifert. "Everyone has an instrument," says David. "It's just a matter of finding it." David found his musical voice the first time he strummed a dulcimer in a music store in Austin, Texas. Three days later he left college and went in search of the dulcimer players and old-time musicians from whom he would learn. Leaving his native Texas, he spent time in Colorado and West Virginia before bringing his talent and drive to Nashville.

His Recordings Include:
Uncle Dulcimer (cd)
Delcimore (cd)
Tennessee Music Box (cd)
Dulcimer Sessions (cd)
Dulcimer Player Deluxe (cd)
Christmas on the Mountain (cd) Craig Duncan w/ David Schnaufer
Appalachian Mandolin & Dulcimer (cd) by David Schnaufer and Butch Baldassari

His Books Include:
Swing Nine Yards of Calico - (Book/CD)

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Stephen Seifert

Mountain Dulcimer Performer and Instructor. The music of the Appalachians and other American folk music define who we are as Americans. These musical styles have been part of our country's heritage for centuries, and for one MTSU student, keeping the music of our nation's heritage alive has turned into a full-time job. A dulcimer player for the past 10 years, Seifert saw and bought his first dulcimer in 1991 at a Cincinnati Dulcimer Club meeting. "My great-grandmother was always talking about old-time music in Kentucky and Tennessee," he said. "Playing the dulcimer seemed like a good way to learn about that kind of music."

Seifert said he learned how to play the dulcimer by ear and by reading sheet music. He would get together with other dulcimer players and try to emulate what they were doing. "A lot of learning takes place around live musicians," he explained. "You learn by doing. However, playing the dulcimer with his mom "tops it all," he said. "The dulcimer gave me and my mom something in common. We jam together and meet up at a lot of festivals and events. It's given us a chance to be better friends."

Her Recordings Include:
Mountain Dulcimer CD
Mode for Dulcimer CD
Join the Jam Three CD Set (Companion to Book)
Duets CD with Lloyd Wright

Her Books Include:
Cowboy Songs (book/2 CDs)
Finger Picking Good (book/CD)
Dulcimer Solos
Join the Jam (Book/CD)
Workshop Tabs-The Early Years (Book/CD)

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Maureen Sellers

Maureen received her first dulcimer for Christmas, 1989. She has studied dulcimer with the finest teachers in the world since that time. Maureen also is intensely interested in researching the instruments' history and the culture from which it came. For the last seven years, Maureen has taught classes and workshops in the Appalachian dulcimer to hundreds of students in more than sixteen states. Covering both how-to-play and the history of the instrument, Maureen brings an enthusiastic and down-to-earth approach to the amateur musician. She utilizes mnemonics and visualization in her teaching style. Maureen's style and music preferences for the dulcimer are varied. Coming from a childhood exposed to Big Band music, rock and roll, classical, and folk music, she loves almost every type of music.

Utilizing the wonderful drones of the dulcimer, Maureen plays traditional music from the Appalachian and Ozark mountains. She also flatpicks songs to create waves of arpeggios that pull the listener into the music. Sing-alongs are interspersed in both her classes and performances. Gospel and sacred music are featured in her classes and concerts.

Her Books Include:
Simply Duets
Simply Gospel I
Simply Gospel II
Simply Gospel III
Simply Remembered
Songs of the Civil War
My Teaching Book
My Teaching Book II

Her Recordings Include:
My Teaching Book CD/Cassette

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Shelley Stevens

Shelley Stevens has been playing the Appalachian mountain dulcimer since 1984 when a good friend dropped a cardboard dulcimer in her lap and she became obsessed with the instrument. She never dreamed how far it would take her - socially, emotionally and even physically. Without the dulcimer she would have never met all of the friends that she has made over the years.....

Since that time she has been adapting music from all genres to this instrument. Shelley has written several dulcimer tablature books for the mountain dulcimer and plays in the band Sweetwater (of which Shelley is a founding member).

Her Recordings and Books Include:
Full Circle Book
The Three String Orchestra w/CD
The Three String Orchestra Vol. II
Baker's Dozen #1-Celtic Music
Baker's Dozen #2-Fiddle Tunes
Baker's Dozen #3-Old Time Songs
Baker's Dozen #4-Shaker Music
Baker's Dozen #5-Dulci-Merry Christmas
Baker's Dozen #6-World Music
Baker's Dozen #7-Dulci-Merry Christmas Vol. II
Baker's Dozen #8-Rounds & Duets
Baker's Dozen #9 My First Dulcimer Book
Baker's Dozen #10 - Ragtime and Honky Tonk (Book) - DAd tuning
Steven Foster for Mountain Dulcimer w/ CD
O'Carolan Harp Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer (Book)
*O'Carolan Harp Tunes for the Mt. Dulcimer (cassette)

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Carol Stober

Carol Stober is a multi-instrumental musician, entertainer, teacher, and recording artist. Her music covers a broad range of styles including bluegrass, country, folk, mountain music, traditional, and gospel. Carol graduated from the University of Maryland in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education. She was on the staff of The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Illinois, from 1980 to 1983, before relocating to Alabama where she has continued teaching private students. Carol served on the advisory board of The Autoharpoholic Magazine and contributed articles for publication in it, as well as contributing to The Autoharp Quarterly and The Autoharp Clearinghouse Publications. She has taught Autoharp workshops, judged Autoharp competitions at major festivals, performed at festivals, museums, churches, country music theaters, and theme parks. In addition, Carol is an Alabama solo arts council artist, conducting residencies in public schools.

Carol has recorded three albums with Autoharp. They are Patchwork, Country Sampler, and Rebekah, Down Home Family Band. They have been reissued on CD and are available from MP3.com/Autoharp.

Her Books Include:
"Love Songs for Autoharp" (book)
"Appalachian Autoharp" (book)
Easy Autoharp for Beginners (Video)

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Sunset Dawn

The four women who formed Sunset Dawn Fran Booth, Nancy Cook, Madgelee Moore and Sherry Cook Stanforth grew up singing and playing music in the Appalachian tradition. We like to say that our music is inspired by the past, played today and preserved for tomorrow. The instruments we play include mountain lap dulcimer, guitar, banjimer, autoharp, tin whistle, flute and harmonica. We do a lot of singing, too, because in the lyrics are powerful stories of work, play, love, loss, battle, land, and family.

By sharing these tunes with other people, we hope to keep them and their proud history from fading away.

His Recordings Include:
From One Time to Another CD
Stone Soup CD

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Sweet Funk

Sweet Funk is an instrumental duo featuring Dana Gruber on mountain dulcimer and Hank Gruber on acoustic guitar. They perform unique arrangements of contemporary music as well as some traditional and original tunes. Their music is perfect for intimate receptions, parties and house concerts.

Their Recordings and Books Include:
Sweet (CD)
"Deja-New" Mountain Dulcimer and Guitar Book

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Thomasina is a singer, song writer and mountain dulcimer player who has performed throughout the U.S. in a variety of venues. Her selections of original, contemporary and traditional folk music appeal to a wide array of audiences. Critics have said that "The freshness and vitality of Thomasina's performances often evoke unexpected emotional responses from first time audiences and loyal fans alike." Audiences find the lyrics of her songs compelling and entertaining. Other songs have a spiritual sound with insightful, bittersweet phrasing that captures and enriches one's imagination. Thomasina accompanies herself on the mountain dulcimer. Her unique and complex adaptation of the instrument with its sweet simple sound has become one of her trademarks.

Thomasina, with a Master's of Science degree in Education, uses music to help students of all ages discover their own creativity. In January of 1999, she was accepted in the Connecticut Commission on the Arts' Master Teaching Artist Program. Her role as Teaching Artist allows here to integrate her skills as a certified educator and artist into a joyful experience for her students as they create music, songs, visual arts and poetry together. Her studies in Music Improvisation with cello master, David Darling and Music for People reaffirm her belief that music is in each one of us and just waiting for the right time to emerge. In 2000, Thomasina was honored to be included in Mel Bay's Dulcimer 2000 Anthology which features solos by the world's finest dulcimer players. While it is possible to appreciate Thomasina's music through her recordings, one must attend a concert to truly experience her magic.

Her Recordings Include:
Chasing Cloud Shadows (CD)

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Mark Tindle

Mark has played music most of his life and has been a professional musician for over 20 years. He is an accomplished player and teacher of the mountain dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and bluegrass banjo. He began playing the guitar at age 11 and the banjo at age 16. He first picked up the mountain dulcimer in 1982 and is regarded today as one of the finest and most innovative dulcimer players around. His music includes traditional American and Irish tunes, classical and contemporary pieces, as well as church hymns and his own original works.

Mark has won several mountain dulcimer playing competitions including two National Mountain Dulcimer Championships. He has performed at many major dulcimer events throughout the country and is a highly respected instructor and contest judge. His concerts are always well received and often include guitar and vocal. His latest creative energies have been focusing on writing Christian music for worship and edification.

His Recordings Include:
Blessed Assurance CD

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Susan Trump

Susan Trump is a singer whose gentle voice and story songs you won't forget. For years, she has been winning fans with her singing, her song writing prowess and her outstanding instrumental skill on mountain dulcimer, guitar, and banjo. Her audiences use phrases like "the voice of an angel, singing songs that go straight to the heart." She has released four best-selling solo recordings, "What the Hill People Say," "Tree of Life" and "Live at Caffe Lena" which captures the excitement of one of her "sell- out" weekend performances. Her newest CD, "Songs of Faith and Hope," a collection of inspirational, uplifting songs for everyone is being touted as her best ever!

Ms. Trump has produced two volumes of the widely acclaimed CD "Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer" featuring the finest players in the country. Susan has been featured in three public television specials, "An Adirondack Christmas Carol," "Christmas in the Adirondacks," and "People Near Here." "Riffs Magazine" voted her an "all time favorite show" at the famed Caffe Lena, the longest running coffee house in the country, located in Saratoga Springs, New York.
Ms. Trump is a much sought after instructor and performer whose work has included concerts and festivals in North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, California, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Connecticut as well as her home state of New York. She has won awards in both banjo and mountain dulcimer competitions. Her magic stems from her ability to link the pastoral, tranquil images of traditional rural America to our contemporary life. Her spontaneous sense of humor always adds a fresh touch to her performances.
Leading youth groups to work with disabled miners in West Virginia stimulated Ms. Trump's interest in traditional folk culture. Since then she has conducted extensive studies of Appalachian life, arts, music, and instrument makers. Her love of Anglo-American music has taken her from the mountains of Southern Appalachia and the Adirondacks to the British Isles, where she has collected and performed traditional music.
Ms. Trump also enjoys sharing her music with school children. She has been associated with the New York Foundation for the Arts since 1986, and has been awarded several "Meet the Composer" grants for song writing from the National Endowment for the Arts. Throughout her career she has shared her music with thousands of school children and their families.

Her Recordings Include:
Live at Cafe Lena (cassette)
Live at Cafe Lena (cd)
Masters of the Mt. Dulcimer, Volume 1(cassette)
Masters of the Mt. Dulcimer, Volume 1 (cd)
Masters of the Mt. Dulcimer, Volume 2 (cd)
Tree of Life (cassette)
Tree of Life (cd)
What the Hill People Say (cassette)
What the Hill People Say (cd)
Novice Level Chords and Fingering Instruction CD and Music Book

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Alex Usher

Alex Usher has collected and performed folk songs for over fifty years. She has amassed a treasure trove of songs that work well with children, and used them through the years to amuse her own four children (who later joined her and her husband on the stage) as well as to entertain youngsters at the St. Louis Children's Hospital where she was the volunteer "Music Lady" in the late 1970s. In the early days of TV she was a regular performer on several children's series on PBS Channel 9 in St. Louis. (in one she was a jack-in-the-box who popped out and did a song and a dance in each episode!) She still shares her music with her grandchildren and their classmates.

More recently she has specialized in playing the autoharp as a solo instrument. Mel Bay's Basic Melodic Autoharp Solos is her contribution to helping folks teach themselves this art. She is a National Autoharp Champion, a four-time winner in the International Competition at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield KS, and has made several solo autoharp CDs in the last several years. Currently she does a program of folk songs called "Hand-me-down Music" for the Missouri Humanities Council, and gives many other performances, primarily in the St. Louis area.

Her Books Include:
"Scottish Airs and Ballads" by Alex Usher Bk/CD

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Rhonda Vincent

One of the most acclaimed and popular figures on today's bluegrass scene, Rhonda Vincent shows no signs of slowing down and taking it easy. It's simply not her nature. Relentlessly pushing forward, Vincent has built a remarkable career based on equal measures of pure, natural talent and tireless dedication. She prides herself on her involvement with every facet of her music: she's not only an award-winning vocalist - Vincent is a resourceful multi-instrumentalist (mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and most anything else with strings), heartfelt songwriter, esteemed bandleader, and, as her new recordings continue to prove, a producer with the rare gift of creating recordings that balance the timeless drive and soul of bluegrass with a subtle contemporary elegance.

That unique balance is audible throughout her thrilling new album, the aptly-titled All American Bluegrass Girl, which blends her distinctly modern take on bluegrass with classic elements, and features Vincent performing alongside members of her fiery road band the Rage, a host of top-notch session musicians, and some of the music's legendary figures. It is also the first album recorded in her own studio, Adventure Studios in Nashville.
And what she does today has radio, press, and fans on their feet. Nearly two months before the album's release, the title track of All American Bluegrass Girl was already charting on the Bluegrass Unlimited monthly radio survey. At the 2005 International Bluegrass Music Award Show, when most musicians are bringing out their hits from the past year, Rhonda - always looking ahead - dazzled the audience with the yet-unreleased �Rhythm of the Wheels,� since included on All American Bluegrass Girl. Thanks to her ongoing sponsorship arrangement with longtime bluegrass supporters the Martha White Company, Vincent plans to keep pushing, wheeling the red, white, and blue Martha White Bluegrass Express bus from coast to coast.

Her Recordings Include:
One Step Ahead (cd) DMRC183
All American Bluegrass

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Mark Wade

A little information about Mark...
To say that Mark Alan Wade is an eclectic performer understates the acoustic explosion of music his concerts ignite. His visit to a dulcimer player's home in Kentucky lit the spark that started it all. Thirteen years later, Mark is a headlining performer in concerts and music festivals around the country.
Mark's audiences are drawn into a broad spectrum of emotions that his music evokes. Mark captures the joy of American traditional music from fiddle tunes to Texas Swing to Jazz. Just after he has fired off a fiddle tune with a frenzied display of technical marvel, his mastery of the subtleties and finesse of Celtic Airs and Chopin Nocturnes will put a tear in your eye. It's not surprising that his 1998 National Contest-winning repertoire included a Celtic ballad, a contemporary piece by Rich Mullins, a Baroque harpsichord solo and, of course, Danny Boy.

His Books & Recordings Include:
Foggy Mountain Favorites (cd) MRC088
Just as I Am (cd) MRC087
Silver Bells (cd) MRC203
Way Over the Waterfall (cd) MRC089
TNT - Tunes 'N Techniques For Hammered Dulcimer (All Levels) (Book / CD)

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Katie Laraye Waldren

Katie LaRaye Waldren's music is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. She is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, author, and recording artist focusing on the lap and hammered dulcimers. Her repertoire includes "Appalachianized" Celtic / British Isles folk songs, as well as contemporary American folk, and original material. She shares her passion for the dulcimer by teaching workshops at the national and local levels, and performs solo and as a partner in Heartwood, a duo that combines the lap and hammered dulcimers with Celtic harp, guitar, and vocals

Her Recordings Include:
Cold Frosty Morning CD

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